Smart Home SF

We want to help you build a smarter home.

Operating in San Francisco and Marin

Smart Lighting

Lights can be controlled from motion sensors or from voice activation. Each light can be whatever color you like. All you have to do is say goodnight, and your home can turn off every light in the house.

“Live-in" House Cleaners

Using schedules and voice commands, your robot vacuum(s)/mop(s) can make sure the floor is spotless every day. Options for the tightest budgets, and for the most efficient systems. You’re home can be spotless without you lifting a finger.

Smart TV

With the addition of a Fire Stick, you can turn any TV with an HDMI input into your smart TV. If you know what you want to watch, just say it out loud. If you want to find something, you have access to almost all streaming services.

Smart Security

Create your custom home security system the way it was meant to work. Say you can’t afford a full system right now, then just get started with the front door. Add a Ring doorbell, a smart lock, and any other piece whenever you can.